Paul W. Smith’s Labadie’s experience!

As heard on WJR and the Paul W. Smith Show.

PWS: Ya know, one of the things was I did, I see these billboards for Labadies. Have you seen those billboards? Labadies Patio Furniture. Have you seen those?

Man #2: Yeah, I have.

PWS: I have seen them for years, and found myself – I wanted to go off I-75. I was cutting through Trenton, or so I thought, and because I saw terrible traffic on my way down to the parade, going north. I thought, I’ve got to avoid that. Anyway, I find myself at Labadies, and I could not believe this place. It’s well over the size, well over the size of a football field.

Lady #1: Really? Where is it?

PWS: Well over the size of a football field. Nowheresville, with all do respect to Trenton. Hoover Street, which you can’t find without your GPS. Off a dirt road.

Man #2: And it’s a football field full of patio furniture?

PWS: Yes.

Man #2: Really?

PWS: I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.

Lady #1: Wow. That’s good to know.

PWS: Ever. It was astonishing. Now it also was not air conditioned because there’s a lot of open areas. So I sweated my way through.

Lady #1: Did you come out with half the store?

PWS: A few. A few pieces, just a few pieces.

Lady #1: [laughs]

PWS: And I had to keep reassuring the woman, Jill, who’s married to a retired police lieutenant or captain or whatever. I kept having to assure her she would not have to call EMS. I just was a big ‘sweater.’ I don’t do well in heat. Don’t worry, you’re not going to have to call anybody.

Lady #1: [laughs] Man #2: Must have been quite a sight there in the patio furniture store.

PWS: Oh it was like out of that, the movie Broadcast News or whatever it was.

Lady #1: [laughs] I’m laughing because I can totally picture this.

PWS: I’m sure. I’m afraid you probably can. So anyway, and Wes Mator bought the place from Labadies years ago, but he kept the name because it was such a well known name. I mean I’ve seen those billboards for years. Labadies. But never ever been there, but was there.

Lady #1: So it’s like a superstore. Sounds like Cabela’s. Ya know, one of those really big stores.

PWS: It’s like a Cabela’s of patio furniture. Yeah, a lot of stuff. Anyway, that was kind of a fun experience on the way back.